Paris Themed Bathroom Accessories

Paris Themed Bathroom Decor

Bring some Parisian sophistication and style in your home. A bathroom with a Parisian theme  star with romance,  you sing French songs in the shower. Ooh la la, indeed.Colors bathroom themed Paris, With just those three colors, . If you paint the walls white or cream, you will have a more sophisticated and understated look. Use the palette of three colors for everything in the bathroom, including accessories, shower curtains, towels, soap holders, paintings and decorative -Paris Themed Bathroom Decor accessories.


Patterns  paris themed bathroom decor are good to use stripes, polka dots and curved lines. Using natural materials. Fabric shower curtains are better than plastic. You can also use the fabric to make a skirt for the area under the sink. Flyers are a feminine option. Using painted wood for frames and small, independent cabinets.


Use paris themed bathroom decor black or white fittings, patterns of displacement curves, as decorative accents.Pictures You can not have too many pictures of poodles trimmed and the Eiffel Tower. Use these iconic images as framed pictures on the wall, printed cloth used to shower or window shades and accessories such as wastebaskets, soap holders, tissue box covers, light switch covers and Holder.


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