Top Decorative Stair Treads

Making A Decorative Stair Treads

Instead of throwing the ancient decorative stair treads, they turn them into decorative book shelves or racks. The wooden stairs can be used as bookcases houses, plants or other decorative ornament for home, serving the functional and decorative purposes. Larger stairs can be used to make the largest book shelves, while the smallest scales are more useful to the shelves of the final table. Either is a fun and easy way to make a decorative shelf ladder.

Making decorative stair treads, Sand two decorative stairs treads of the same height. If the use of old stairs, sand away the rough or rotten with coarse sandpaper areas. Fill any holes or gaps with wood filler and sand after drying. Paint your regular interior paint stairs. Apply several layers. Add finish for a glossy look.

Door cabinets paint. Use closet doors double leaf for a more decorative feel. With house paint colors and adds finishing. Adjust the decorative stair treads with the steps that are facing each other. Place the double doors of steps corresponding to the two scales. The final product is a shelf unit that requires no fasteners or fastening screws. Paint a single staircase. Use a small staircase to a small bookshelf. Seal for a glossy finish. Cutting boards Measure and cut them to fit the rungs of the ladder. They can be cut for you at the hardware store if you prefer. Painting cutting boards any color you like. Kill them once the paint is dry. Place the cutting boards.

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