Beautiful Decorative Grasses

How To Prune Decorative Grasses

Decorative grasses are now used more frequently in the home landscape. Their versatility and ease of care them an attractive addition to any garden make, and there are a wide range of species and cultivars available in attractive colors and sizes. Pruning Ornamental Grasses usually begins in late winter and early spring, and can be performed both evergreen and deciduous herb.

Education to prune decorative grasses: wear gloves to protect your hands from the blades of grass. Evergreen grasses should get a “combing” with his fingers. Start at the base of the grass with spread your fingers and pull up. You can remove a lot of dead foliage. Cut off any pieces of diseased foliage. Remove the blade tips sunburned or bruised to improve the appearance of the plant.

Divide herbs that do not compile more completely or appear to have a dead hand. A knife or an ax, if necessary, and divide the implant in sections 4-6. Replant the piece healthier. Cut the decorative grasses deciduous back within 3 or 4-inch of soil. Pruners can take on flower tough stems. Mow in a dome shape light so as not to cut the new growth that starts at the center. This also makes it an attractive shape.

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