Top Decorative Stair Risers

How To Install Decorative Stair Risers

A flight of decorative stair risers consists of three main parts, the spars that determine the size and shape of the steps, the tracks that make up the sections of the steps that your feet rest on, and the bands that form the vertical portions of each step. While you can buy each part ready from retail sources, going the DIY route you can save a little on the total expenditure of the stairs, as well as allowing you greater control over the setting of each component part.

Measure the height of the beams, joints ladder frame each side of the stairs to the height and width of each step is adjusted with a tape measure to determine the height of the decorative stair risers of steps necessary run. Stair lifts 2 Purchase that match up to its rails or are slightly higher and slightly longer so you can cut them to size. Plywood (3/4 inch) is enough material for elevator use.

Rip the tops of the bands with a table saw, cut each one to suit the height of the side rails of the ladder. Cut the sides of the bands to the width of the bands using a compound miter saw with the blade set to cut at an angle of 30-45 degrees. The angled cut will create a beveled edge. Directing cutting so that the beveled edge is towards the rear of the decorative stair risers. Thus, when you push the elevator in place it is not going to scrape along the sides of the wall and fit snugly against the crossbar.

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