Amazing Decorative Thumb Tacks

How To Hang Curtains With Decorative Thumb Tacks

Decorative thumb tacks, Hang curtains with pins often conjures up visions of college dorms and the first apartments. Despite this, you can hang your curtains tacked without making your home look undone. By carefully measuring the window, using flat-head thumbtacks and creating folds in the curtain, you can make your windows are almost as well dressed as you would with bars that are more expensive.

How to hang curtains with decorative thumb tacks, Measure the width of the window, and measure from the point where you want the bottom of your curtains hit up the length of the curtain. .Mark the center point of the window, in the guideline previously made. This is where the two curtains meet.

Buy a package of thumbtacks for decorative thumb tacks on a flat head similar to curtains color. The use of thumbtacks of colors instead of metal will help minimize the appearance of tacks against the backdrop. Place the edge of the curtain on the edge of your guide. Secure the corner of the curtain wall with a thumbtack slightly below the top of the curtain in the middle of the window. evenly placed between the two tacks in the corners of the curtain, the curtain attachment above the window. Repeat this process on the other side, holding the outer corners first and then creating folds in the remaining tissue. Installing brackets on each side of the window.

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