Babuska Decorative Brads

Do It Yourselft Babuska Decorative Brads

Decorative bradsThe babuskas are very famous Russian dolls, which in this case as brooches luciremos work thanks to simple crafts. The first step in making the pins will mark the body parts of the babuskas. They must be two pieces (front and rear). We will also create hair and scarf wrist.

Once we have all the cut pieces have to unite among themselves. To do this we will use fabric adhesive or special fabric glue as silicone water. Then, with a marker we will mark the nose, mouth, eye lashes and the babuska decorative bradswrist. In this step we could take the doll finished, but in our case we will put a motif fabric. To create the embellishment of fabric, cut a piece of felt depending on the motif we want. it may be a bag, scarf, etc.

Finally, we would join the two parts of the wrist (front and rear) and fill the inside with wadding. To do this we will sew the corners of the wrist, but be careful not to over tighten. For sewing use waxed cotton threads a thickness of about half a millimeter. To finish sewing, and if we look our babuska brooch we just need to stick the pin. We have this as simply created a simple and colorful babuska decorative brads.

decorative brads

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