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Decorative Outdoor Thermometer

One way to hang a thermometer outside is nailed to a wall or other surface. However, there are reasons why stick a thermometer in place is not always a good idea as when the surface is metal or brick. When this is the case, you can hang the thermometer of a string, or you can stick the thermometer in place with strong epoxy glue. Choose the method that best suits your situation and- Decorative Outdoor Thermometer


Draw decorative outdoor thermometer the outline of the hole you want to drill on the thermometer so you can hang it from your desired location. Make sure the hole is not in the actual path of the thermometer or else the bit to break. Place the thermometer on a piece of wood block and hold it in place with your hand.


Drill a hole through the top of the decorative outdoor thermometer to the desired size. Drilling in the block of wood to make a little pierce all the way through. Tie a piece of string or fishing line through the hole and hang from a hook, tree or other easily visible. Make sure the thermometer is in full sun, to read the correct temperature and not the temperature in the shade. Glued Apply the two parts of the epoxy glue side by side in the center of the thermometer. Let the edges of the clear back. Mix the two parts of the epoxy adhesive with a piece of scrap wood. Apply CA glue to the edges of the thermometer. This will help keep the thermometer to the side of the structure or wall while the epoxy glue dries.

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