Original Decorative Baseboard Heater Covers

Decorative Baseboard Heater Covers

Decorative baseboard heater covers, if your baseboard heater looks worn and outdated, give it a fresh look, with a new cover. Buy new covers in the grocery store or your local custom builder for them online. Covers motherboard are easy enough for any DIY homeowner to remove and install. Plan to spend about an hour or less for each deck is replaced. Removing the cover of age usually turns out to be the hardest part of this project and may have to cut it away. Take special consideration of the resistance through the project to prevent damage.

Slide both end caps off the decorative baseboard heater covers Hold onto the front cover with both hands. Carefully lift the cover up and out of the hanger hooks. Set the front cover aside. Insert wooden wedges between the wall and the back cover of the baseboard heater. Place a piece of jigsaw behind the back cover and cut through any nails or screws holding the cover in place.

Pull the gate and remove the hooks. Lift the heating element a little and use a flathead screwdriver to remove the rear cover element hangers. Working the back cover and perches behind the heating element. Try running a stud finder along the wall behind the heating element and mark each wall stud with a pencil.  Place the new buffer above the heating element. Hook the new cover on the brackets and into place. Slide the new end caps at each end of the decorative baseboard heater covers.

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