Amazing Cow Skull Decor

Cow Skull Decor Ideas

Cow skull decor – Cow skulls are a decorative element in many homes. They frequently hang from walls and at the entrances of the Southwest. However, hanging the skull of a cow at home is not as simple as walking through the field and pick one. Need a proper preparation to avoid bad smells and that insects can continue living in the skull and infest your home. Place head on a flat surface and remove the skin. Slide the blade through the skin, making a cut in the center of the forehead. Peel back the skin towards the bottom of the skull using the knife to cut the meat and tendons.

Put the cow skull decor in a large pot and cover with water. The bowl in the burner and set on medium heat, allowing that the water is heated slowly to a boil. Leave the skull to boil for at least three hours to be able to separate the meat from the bone. Turn the pot and leave the skull in the water until cool enough to be able to handle it.

Put the gloves and remove the skull out of the water, place it inside a bag of garbage on your work surface. Remove the meat drop away from the cow skull decor, placing it in the bag for easy cleaning. You scrape the remaining pieces of meat and tendons of the skull with the back of the blade to avoid damaging it.

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