Batman Balloon Decor

Batman Bathroom Decor Good For Birthday

Batman bathroom decor – We all know that Batman’s alter ego, Bruce Wayne is a billionaire rich pasta lined living in a mansion AUPA. Obviously with all the economic resources available to the famous superhero will not be difficult to make it adjusts. And if this happens, it will be like this bathroom.

This is a space that mimics the Batcave. With batman bathroom decor everywhere even the head of the bed is the vigilante of Gotham logo. The walls are covered with a kind of artificial stone imitating the inside of a cave in the roof, just above the bed can be seen painted as if you are actually in a cave full of bats holes. Batcave space, consisting of 4 zones:

Primea area is the entrance to the room, a great room with wood furniture; space, cabinets and mirrors with Batman symbols welcomed us. The bathrooms were using batman bathroom decor. Right in front of the bathroom found the bathroom luxurious, comfortable and spacious not very private with Batman but with an alter ego Bruce Wayne, who has the money to buy a house like this bathroom and a hundred more identical. Such information can we convey to you all, may be useful for you all.

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